A Day at the Races

Australian Sports Museum

As part of the recent redevelopment of the Australian Sports Museum, Sandpit produced the interactive A Day at the Races which focused on horse racing

Image supplied by Australian Sports Museum


A Day at the Races is an interactive where visitors are able to race a horse that they have coloured and named themselves

Sandpit worked with illustrator and designer Nick Lewis to achieve this stunning interactive. Visitors are invited to sit down and colour in a horse template with as much detail as they desire. When finished, the visitor makes their way over to the onboarding booth. At this booth the visitor can scan and name their horse before it is ready to race.

With a race happening every few minutes, the race is on! At the siren the horses take off to race around the track, and the winner is given all the fanfare we could muster.

My involvement on this project included:

  • user experience for the overall installation
  • user interface for the onboarding booths
  • animated elements across the booths, race, crowd and finishing screen
  • initial prototyping
  • testing
  • client documentation manuals


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