Crossings is a set of three publications that take the reader on a photographic, and informational journey from Melbourne Central Train Station, to the State Library of Victoria.

Goosebumps inspired.

The beloved choose your own adventure books were key inspiration for this project. The books allow readers to make their own choices, I wanted to give mine the same option.

There were five possible destinations originally in mind for the publication. However, this would be difficult with the six week turnaround required. To complete the publication and do it justice I reduced the number of locations to two iconic Melbourne landmarks. The State Library of Victoria, and Melbourne Central Train Station. The contrast between both the buildings intrigued me. Two very different locations in feel, architecture, aesthetic, and purpose just metres from one another.


Journeys remained at the core of the publication. The idea of journeys would direct my approach to the interviews I conducted.

The publication aims to provide insight, historical information, and facts about each location. I set out on documenting the spaces through interviews and photos. Between the two venues I conducted fifty interviews, and took over 1,000 photos. Whilst conducting interviews I focused on the interviewees particular journey for that day. “Where have you been? Why are you visiting here today? Where are you off to next?” After conducting these interviews, I had an array of interesting and surprising responses and anecdotes from students, retail workers, cranky husbands, and international visitors.

Print production

The publication is a collection of three books. One book each for each destination, and a housing book. This housing booklet provides the reader with a photographic journey between each landmark, and collates the location books. The set of books uses red, blue and white to maintain visual consistency. The printing process uses a method of dos-à-dos layout allowing the publication to be read from either end.

Each location book includes a selection of interviews, photographs, historical documentation (e.g. floor plans), and facts. The collection of three books can be sold as a unique souvenir for visitors, and those with a historical fascination with Melbourne architecture.


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