Dinos at the Zoo


Zoos Victoria
(Melbourne Zoo)




User Experience
Visual Design

Dinos at the Zoo was an on-site experience that brought animatronic dinosaurs to life, and gave visitors a chance to witness these amazing creatures up close

Dinos at the Zoo spread across Melbourne Zoo, Werribee Zoo, and Healesville Sanctuary. Each venue hosted an array of animatronic dinosaurs that roared and moved in unnervingly realistic ways.

Sandpit was bought in to create a supporting interactive experience for each animatronic dinosaur at the Melbourne Zoo. The booths housed a monitor, speakers, and an NFC reader.

Junior Researcher or Researcher?

Upon entry to the Dinos at the Zoo area visitors were given one of two lanyards depending on their age — Researcher or Junior Researcher

Each lanyard activates a booth setup specific to each dinosaur. On scanning, the visitor will receive a fact or a story about another animal who is also suffering due to a habitation emergency.

Behind the Scenes

My role in this project was to aid with prototyping, create the visual look and animations for the onscreen interactions, testing through each stage of the production, and assisting with final client documentation.

Eight dinosaurs were a part of Dinos at the Zoo, and each had their own booth. Upon activation it could display one of three animations with a unique dinosaur fact, or a simple audio wave with audio telling the visitor a story of another animal who is facing extinction.

Considering the subject matter for each, the fact pinwheel was colourful and bright, with cute icons and a fun background texture. The tale of extinction visually was more sombre.


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