Emu Sky

A website and an exhibition that celebrates Indigenous Australians and their strong connection to native flora and fauna.

The main aim

Old Quad, a gallery owned by Melbourne University, approached Sandpit to assist with creating a website to promote their then upcoming exhibit Emu Sky. Emu Sky is an exhibit that explores Indigenous land management, and use of native flora and fauna for food, medicine, science, and story-telling. In a collaborative effort we worked together to ensure the website was clean, simple, and most-importantly an extension of the exhibit and treated Indigenous stories and users with respect.

The smoke transitions are not only inspired by smoke and fires important place in Indigenous culture, but directly references the art piece Leempeeyt Weeyn (Campfire), created by Dr Vicki Couzens for the exhibition.

On a practical level speed, and accessibility was central to the design process. An accessibility toolbar located at the top of the screen allows users to customise the website to suit their tastes, by increasing the font sizes, turning the page to greyscale, or changing the copy to a more accessible font.

You can visit the Emu Sky website here.


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