Give us our pockets

(fun)ctional is a series of six shorts that demonstrate the frustrations of not having pockets in women’s clothing.

From mini documentary to Instagram shorts.

This series dedicated to pockets came from educational roots. During the early process of concepting and storyboarding, it would be an animated mini documentary about the complicated history of pockets. How these little folds of fabric are tied to feminism, and why they are still not widely seen in present fashion. To be more authoritative I needed to back-up my claims with research and data. Whilst I had my own theories and assumptions, I could find very little data to back those assumptions up.

Harnessing the power of the internet

Using Google Forms I created an eight question survey. To avoid bias I wanted to receive results from many facets of the community, including men. Sharing the survey across multiple social media platforms, such as Facebook, Reddit, and specialty groups I received an overwhelming response. After 400 submissions were received, I closed the survey. This exercise in the power of social media made me rethink my approach. By creating multiple smaller animations targeted at social media, the message could continue to be shared over a longer period of time, and reach a wider audience. My work tends to naturally harness humour, so a focus on the silliness of the subject felt a natural direction.

The end result was six is animations that explored my feelings about pockets in a humorous, relatable way that is backed up by data. The animations are created to best succeed on social media, and leaves room for further expansion of the series.


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